Monday, 7 July 2008

Violin and stories

Cant believe after 3 months no playing I can actually still play it! I plucked it out of its case, grabbed the music to Pirates Of The Carribean and was playing for ages!

Anywho, I started writing again today. I decided to go about level building differently then last time. I felt it was time to resurrect an old project today: Tomb Raider Guiding Hand. I am a narrative person, I like a good story. I took this and started writing a short sotry of what is going to happen in in rather then making it up as I go along..something i have a nasty habit of doing.

Here is a snippet of it. Not a literal work of art but jsut enough to keep me going.

The two foes raced up the side of this celestial pyramid. Sweat pouring from their brows, heart’s pumping feverishly. With a leap of pure luck Lara grabbed the triangle. In a flash of light, she was gone.

She found herself in a stone room. Ornaments of unmatched intricacy lined the room. The setting sun outside casting a dancing overcast to the whole room. She was still holding the triangle. The power of time, in her hands. It burns history into lara’s skin.

“The planets have aligned then?”

Lara looked around. She would not imagine anyone there. A small built tribal man came from the blue-ish shadows. His face was covered in tribal designs. His eyes were white and deep.

“The Triangle of Light, we have not heard of this power in millennia. Ever so curious to see why you have it. Did you seek it out in cold blood?”

“No. I would never. My father told me about the triangle when i was a little girl. Clues of it, and its power. I never believed of it until now.” Lara said in her classic arrogant way.

“Oh, so, you steal the power of the light for your own means?”. He replied back.

“No, I...don’t, of course not.”

“Oh but you have. Seeking out this dangerous relic and warping here, to where time and space meet. That is not ordinary mistake.”

“The place where time and space meet? Where am I?” Lara questioned. For a brief moment she was completely without guess.

“This place is the lost city of the illuminati. A city destroyed by the misguided actions we took.”

“Illuminati?” A name Lara knew too well.

“Yes, illuminati. Our descendants live on. We do not know where, or how, but we do know for sure”.

“They do live on, I just had a run in with them. They are after the triangle”.

“Really? Well, regardless, you hold the power of the triangle, on your head be it. Use the power wisely, and always watch the shadows. Go places, and see things you would never of dreamt of. You hold the power to do so.”

“But, I have no idea or direction on where to go.”. Lara was puzzled. The expression was wrote across her face.

“Oh? How did you escape a collapsing pyramid on a distant millennia?”

“How do you know about that?”

“I can see across the stars. Please, show me.”

“But how do I jump”

“Hold the triangle out above your head, close your eyes.” Lara did as he instructed.

“Good, good. Now, picture that place in your mind. Think of its sounds, smell and feelings. Picture this time in your head.” In a flash, the triangle and lara was gone

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