Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Late Nights and plenty of cold feet

I can never find socks around here. Honestly, m'feet are freezing! Anywho, as I sit here listening to "Romeo" by "Basement Jaxx" I thought i'd share some stuff.

TRLE is on the good wavelength again. I decided to stop it a few days ago. Yup, well, this has not been the first time. I had this progression of feelings a few months back. I was absouloutly fed up (song changed to Oh My Gosh) with TRLE. It just seemed to go wrong for me. Ideas where just bleuuuuuuuuuuuugh at best, and I was used to getting so far, then losing focus or passion for what I was working on. Anywho, I took a break from trle. A self imposed excile. I did not switch on the PC. For me, that is sure extreme. After that, ideas started popping into my head and almost exactly 3 months later, Spectrum was released. I did the very same a few days ago nearly (I did turn the pc on this time) but I was away from TR, and anything to do with it. Suddenly, again, ideas kept flowing through (song changed to Bingo Bango). Situations I could put our dear heroine in. Things started to click. It was amazing!

I have began to look on a long scale today. Rather then think hours, I started thinking days. I realised that this huge 18 week break (oh yeah.,,its gonna be THAT long. It started in May and won't end untill September 4th).

My recent times have been a bit of a shock to the system....

I've studied hard, took my final exams however. I officially left school on the 27th June. Naturally, I really detest not working. I need to keep busy. Even when I was 6 or 7, I can remember wanting to go back to school. I have come to realise it is not school in the tradional sense that I miss, it is just the routine of it all. I am used to getting up 5 days out of 7 and around 7-ish, going to bed around 11. Thats just what I have been used to for the last couple of years. This huge long break will see me do something rebbelious, vented through boredom and frustration. Lets just hope no-one finds out what I do haha.

BUT! I cannot tell you how excited I am for college. I feel that my time at Amersham&W College could either be enjoyable or prove how much I loathe being told what I have to do. I went there a couple of months ago for my interview. From the reception to the "learning resource center- basically a library with a photocopier) I was jsut wide eyed in amazement. A dance studio, a green screen suite, TV suite too???!!! YOu have to be kidding me! I couldn't believe it. It was there, that single walk down the corridor and back was the fixer for it all. I can't really talk about what it will be like there, because I have no idea. I am the first one in my family to:

a) stay onto higher education
b) goto Amersham &W college
c) go this far from home to study.

so I will have to make my own mind up.

Anywho, enough worbbling from me, I'm tired and I am going to bed now.

Goodnight =D

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